Question about custom recipes with fluids

  • Hi!

    I'm wondering where can you get fluids' and blocks' simple name that I often see in the .ini -files for custom recipes.

    For example there's "Fluid:ic2coolant" where is that name "ic2coolant" stored? With JEI I can only find names like "ic2:coolant" and I cant seem to get it to work anyhow in recipes.

    What I'm aiming at, is a way to make recipes to craft fluids from other mods (namingly redstone + hot coolant -> destabilized redstone), but I can't get the syntax right for them. Either I get the game crashing or the recipe simply not working.

    What I've tried so far is to use liquid names in different forms:




    ...without success.

    Is there a correct syntax using the modname:fluidname -format?

    ...and if there is not, how can I find the simple names that are used in the fluid_containername#simplefluidname -format?

  • Fluids are usually not namespaced, we just prefix ours with ic2 to avoid interacting with other mods and the resulting balance issues. IC2 coolant e.g. is called ic2coolant, but others fluids are using their plain names like water or (presumably) fluid_redstone. The names are being defined while adding fluids to Forge's fluid registry, the origin of those names is arbitrary code and thus implementation specific.

    The variant names (#<something>) we use are essentially shortcuts to infer the correct metadata and nbt tag. For fluid containers the variant is the fluid name as registered to forge. Examples: ic2:fluid_cell#ic2coolant, ic2:fluid_cell#water, ic2:fluid_cell#fluid_redstone.

    You should be able to obtain the IC2 variant name by holding the item of interest and running the command /ic2 currentItem.