MTGM Gregtech 5 to useable english

  • I don't like Gregtech flavor text in machines name. I want to make nei search useable. So i make resourcepack with .lang file to change text.

    It based on some old GTNH modpack (, because i play on it. So inside not only Gregtech text, but some GT++ and GTNH items. But it works fine on pure Gregtech.

    For example if you type "part " you get:


    "lv battery" give you:


    "bender give you 12 benders:


    "ev " give you all you need on ev tier (and some uev items):


    And because it's resource pack you can change this on fly, without restart minecraft.

    I upload it on github and make release, so download here:

    If something need to fix, make issue.

    And I ask for help.

    Is there any way to rename industrial craft 2 circuits without change language from en_US? And without replace and repack jar file.

    Sorry for my soviet english.