GT5U / Magneticraft images

  • Most of these screenshots I took with a Vive using Vivecraft, so they're renders from the right eye, and sometimes have some odd masking stuff going on at the borders.

    This is GT5U stuff, with almost all automation done with Magneticraft conveyor belts and inserters. I tweaked the Magneticraft recipes a bit to bring them in line with GT5U. So, for example, the inserters use GT5U low voltage electric motors rather than Magneticraft's electric motors.


    Surface, which is almost entirely agriculture. The water collection system and water tanks are a highly visible exception. Stairs to B1 are visible in front of the rubber tree multifarm.


    Workshop on level B1. All machines that I will likely interact with directly are on B1. Automated things that don't require direct access are on lower levels.


    Ore processing. This is version 3 of the ore processing line. Unlike prior versions, it allows for any amount of re-processing, since all products get put on an output belt that cycles back to the start of the input belt. There's a chest buffer / inserter pair at the start designed to make sure stuff hits the input belt at regular intervals. This ensures that inserters grabbing things from the belt won't miss items because they're spaced too closely together.

    All common operations work off this belt. Maceration, washing, centrifuges (thermal and simple), sifting, magnetic separation, electrolysis, and smelting.


    Another view of the ore processing lines.


    Dust / nugget consolidation on level B2. A ton of regulators feeding dusts and nuggets to packagers in groups of 4 or 9. Resulting items go back on to the input belt for possible electrolysis or centrifuging.


    Blast furnaces 1 and 2. Furnace 1 has an oxygen feed. Furnace 2 is dedicated to titanium production, and takes a titanium chloride input. Both feed to the general processing belt.

    Some products just as banded iron dust get automatically re-processed into furnace 1.


    Vacuum freezer, partially embedded in the floor of level B2. The belt comes from the blast furnaces on level B1, and then returns to one of the output belts.


    Steam boilers and steam buffer on level B3. The chest in the foreground is the input to the pyrolyse oven making charcoal. In the background is some gas storage for oxygen, chlorine, and carbon dioxide.


    Pyrolyse oven making charcoal on level B4. In the background is the processing facility for excess sulfuric acid. Output is sulfur (conveyor belt) oxygen (green pipe) and hydrogen (red pipe).

  • S9isAqO.jpg

    Rail depot for petroleum on B4. It's a bit ambitious; at present, it's got bays for 4 different kinds of petroleum products (heavy, crude, and light oils, and natural gas), of which only crude oil is presently working.


    Rail depot for ore from Advanced Miners on level B3. Liquid loaders are for fuel, drilling fluid, and lubricant (for sites making drilling fluid locally).


    Farmers from Ancient Warfare 2 working various plots. My excess food (and I've got a lot of excess food) feeds the farmers and lumberjacks, or makes ethanol.


    Water wheels as an alternate power source for the Ancient Warfare 2 tree farms. Unfortunately, the NPC workers like the lumberjack are flakey, and wood production is too critical to assume they'll show up for work.


    Ethanol production plant on B3. Foreground is a Forestry setup; background is Gregtech. The Gregtech ethanol production is more efficient, but I can't bring myself to tear down the Forestry stuff. The Forestry stuff was a headache because it requires mulch from juicing apples in addition to saplings and vegetable matter, and it stalls if the mix isn't handled correctly.


    Automated food processing for Harvestcraft foods on level B2. I broke down and used Project Red pipes for much of this, because Magneticraft's inserters have no way of stocking only a limited amount of material in each machine. Most processing is done with Thermal Expansion Cyclic Assemblers. So far as I know the auto-crafting of the GT5U packager never got implemented beyond things like dust consolidation.

    Some products include cream, butter, cheese, salt from boiled water (since almost every Harvestcraft recipe wants salt), dough, snowballs, bread, pasta, and toast.


    Kitchen from Cooking for Blockheads on level B1. Food from the farms get automatically placed in one of the refrigerators by conveyor belt. The automated food system in the prior image takes raw materials from that and deposits results in a different refrigerator.

  • Oil refinery - gives you some idea why I'm feeling like GT5U is a plumbing nightmare. Brown = Heavy fuel or Toluene, Yellow = Light Fuel, Red = Naphtha or Hydrogen, Orange = Sulfuric Acid of Hydrogen Sulfide, Green = Oxygen, Brown / white = Creosote oil.

    Spray paint room. 16 tanks, one for each chemical dye, one chemical reactor to make dye, one fluid canner to fill spray cans. Since dye doesn't render correctly, there are painted wool sections above each tank to show color.

  • Main train station, showing added signals, and two trains. The steam locomotive (yellow, background) is waiting for the electric locomotive (red, foreground), which I've locked in place for this image.

    Above ground ore depot for lithium. Note water collection for manufacturing of drilling fluid on site.