Suggestion: Generator Output Module

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    I took some time going through the forum and couldn't find any mention of this idea, so here goes:


    I am currently working on a biogas/semifluid generator power bank, and running into the issue where the CESU I am using to feed my ore processing wall is empty, but all of the semifluid generators are at full EU, and only operating ~95% of the time. I am not certain of the exact cause, but it seems to be that the generator is limited to only outputting EU packets of the same size as it is generating. This means that if 1 tick passes where it doesn't send out a packet, then it has to not burn fuel for a tick later to get rid of that energy. Biogas outputs at 16 EU/t, and it seems that the semifluid Generators are only capable of outputting 16 EU/t when filled with biofuel.

    My request/suggestion is to create a power output module that can be inserted into any standard generator that allows it to output energy at the next tier power. There doesn't even have to be a new module for that matter. The Transformer Upgrade module would also work great.

    As it stands right now, the Geothermal Generator already has the single Module functionality without the module. (Outputs up to 32EU/t even though it only produces 20 EU/t.)

    This wouldn't affect reactors at all.

    Possible issues could include loading this up with 5+ upgrade modules leaving a generator (of any kind) with a power output of more than their total capacity. This can be negated by having the modules only increase the ceiling of possible output of the generator. It will only output as much (or as little) as it has. Letting a generator output more voltage then the cables and/or machines it is attached to can handle will result in expected failure.

    Scenario time:

    Generator burning coal: 10EU/t production; 4k internal storage.

    With 0 Upgrades: Outputs 10 EU/t. If energy isn't needed for a tick, then it is dumped into the buffer and held until the fuel runs out and a power draw is detected. It then outputs 10EU/t to that power draw while the buffer lasts, or additional fuel is input.

    With 1 Upgrades: Outputs 32 EU/t for 181 ticks, then outputs a single packet of 28. Once that is depleted it will then output 10 EU/t packets.

    With 2 Upgrades: Outputs 128 EU/t for 33 ticks, then sends a single 116 packet, then drops to outputting 10 EU/t.

    6 Semifluid Generators burning Biogas: 16 EU/t; 32k internal storage.

    With 0 Upgrades: Outputs 16x6 EU/t. If energy isn't needed for a tick, then it is dumped into the buffer and held until the fuel runs out and a power draw is detected. It then outputs 16EU/t to that power draw.

    With 1 Upgrade: Outputs 32x6 EU/t for 2000 ticks, then outputs 16x6 EU/t.

    With more upgrades , you can do the math and figure it out.

    I am willing to put effort into familiarizing myself with the source code and trying my hand at implementing this idea, if that is an acceptable option. I just don't know where your source repos are located and therefore can't access it or do a pull request/etc.


    <None> - Using the already existing Transformer Upgrade Module

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