[1.7.10] Any reference(s) for a simple machine? (and more questions to come)

  • Hello, long time no posting. Hope that's a suitable forum section by the way...

    A pre-story to explain why I need such, IDK, dumbed down thing - I posted about it, that I have a hard time understanding things unless they're explained to me personally, I started "learning" Java a few times last year. I would stare at the book/video for an hour, feeling frustrated about never getting anywhere. I really don't want to give up on that and can't think of any way to overcome this. So please forgive my silliness.

    I'm looking for a code reference of a machine like macerator from vanilla IC2. I know about API file with some source code publicized, but as I understand, without any example machine working out-of-the-box. And the addons (opensource ones) I've found were handling it "custom" way, for example there would be no .ini file for recipes (I wanted it to allow customization) or too complicated for me like Gregtech.

    If there's any addons like that, or source code of IC2 I missed, please let me know.