Condenser capacity.

  • I want to set up a steam turbine generation with superheated steam from 8 of the boilers. I've never found any information on what is the capacity of the condenser. Can it condense(passively) the output from four steam turbines? Or do I have to put a condenser on every pair(superheated and regular) of turbines? Everywhere I look everyone seems to be doing that and never trying to output from more than one turbine to a condenser.

    I've tried to hook up a steam condenser to a regular steam turbine and it was always empty, seemed like it could do more than just one turbine. I am afraid to experiment because I don't want my whole base to be blown away by the reactor meltdown or heat explosion or whatever - IC2 is still very unpredictable to me because I just started playing with it very recently.