Steam Turbine

  • I've been playing with the steam system and I am unsure if I need to replace the Steam Turbine I place in the Kinetic Steam Generator. In several older videos the Steam Turbine is shown with a damage value, in 2.8.187-ex112 it seems that it has none. Is that intended or a temporary state? Just asking so nothing blows up in my face : D

    The main reason I created this account though is because I wanted to thank the modders who maintain it, I've known Industrial Craft for quite some time. I saw it first in a Let's Play with direwolf combined along with Equivalent Exchange years back. Ever since I have been hooked and played it every now and then in modpacks when I got around to it. Now that I had more time I finally decided to play it as a standalone, and man it's great. It's just a well rounded mod without overwhelming the vanilla stuff. I just finished an agriculture and biogas production, working like a charm! God bless the stickreed, no more running around with tree taps : D The EU system and in general the steam machines etc. are not the easiest to get right, especially since you gotta dig around a bit on the wiki, which can get a little confusing at times, but I love the challenge and it's super fun when you make it work. The general look of the mod is also right up my ally. Love the universal design on all machines, and those wind mills look sick man : D I am currently looking into reactor designs, having lots of fun experimenting with the simulator tool. I am going for that max 7 efficiency, baby. Anyway, just wanted you guys to know I appreciate the work you have done and thank you for giving me many many fun evenings of tinkering around : D Cheers!