BatBox 10 EU/t in, 750 mEU/t out, power level falling?

  • I am charging a BatBox from a coel-fuled Generator for 10 EU/t, and while trying to keep luminators powered, as soon as I have 3 or more online, the power stored in the BatBox begins falling (it is positively charging with 0-2 luminators online, but draining with 3 or more). Nothing else is draining power.

    Using the EU-reader tool on the BatBox, EnergyIn = 10 EU/t, EnergyOut = 750 mEU/t, Voltage = 1 V.

    I don't understand why, the power drain being over 10x less than the power charge, my batbox is rapidly draining charge.

    Any help appreciated.