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  • i think for now i will let it run with 1.0 this will be everyones chance to gather up supplies before the industrial revolution

  • IGN: Dediodude
    Age: 15
    Reason: I Played on a ic and bc servers before so i cant go bak to reg mc, and last mc server got shut down MinecraftGhast

  • IGN: immibis
    Age: 17
    Reason: I'm looking for another good server with IC, BC and RP - on the one I currently play on, the admins have recently started spawning items and using WorldEdit for personal gain, so I'm leaving if I can find another server.

    Disappointed with the bugs and nerfedness of AtomicStryker Corp's Advanced Machines, and the unupdatedness of Snyke's Enterprises?
    Need low-lag renewable power?
    Come to ImmTech Intragalactical this thread for free UUM!

    Note: UUM may stand for Unnerfed Unbuggy Updated Machines and may not be actual UUM. The extra U was lost due to a bit error.
    Battery snot included.

  • IGN: BuuR
    Age: 14 (almost 15)
    Why I want to join: well last time i joined was alot of fun. took me a while to find your server again but here it is! :D