Crossbreeding not working

  • whenever i try to crossbreed plants, i dont get any new results. i have followed all of the tutorials, but cannot under any circumstance get new crops. any help?

  • edit: i did get something, i guess i had really really bad luck? it took several dozen tries tries though, and its not what i expected

    i really dont understand the crossbreeding stuff that well

    out of a huge field of reeds to try to get stick reed, i just got more reeds and one melon

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    The system is arguably much more balanced than what you may have seen from other mods, you are unlikely to see quick easy gains. This is meant as something to do on the side while playing the game normally, gradually improving when maintaining the crops properly. Cross breeding chances favor higher similarity, comparing properties, attributes and tier to the base crop. Some crops additionally have special requirements to be selected at all.