How can I contribute to IndustrialCraft project?

  • Hi! Firstly, thank you for such awesome modification.

    I don't remember exactly when I learned about IC, but then I was going to school.

    Now I have over three years of work in IT and I want to help IndustrialCraft project.

    I'm good at DevOps (Python, Linux, Ansible etc) and Kotlin (and kinda Java).

    Currently I have a work, but I have enough time for technical contributions.

    So, is there something I can help you with? I tried to find some information about contributions in FAQs and on wiki, but with no luck.

  • I would actually be interested in contributing as well. At work I use Jenkins and Apex (A Java based language) and I have learned how to compile and modify existing mods. I am generally better tuned to writing logic based code rather than math based code.

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    We're currently busy porting, which isn't very approachable for newer devs. I recommend playing around with creating smaller addons or mods first to get more familiar with the ecosystem. Pretty much all successful newer IC2 devs went this route, the others were apparently quite overwhelmed with the complexity and learning curve of a >100k LOC project with some nasty dependencies (obfuscated MC with increasingly obscure code, lots of libs).