Piping Steam from Boilers (Fluid Reactors)

  • Hello. I've been experimenting with a fluid reactor design in my creative experiment world. I am using the Direwolf20 1.10 Modpack.

    I have a fluid reactor which, via Hardened Fluiducts, feeds the Liquid Heat Exchangers (which then send the cold coolant back to the reactor).
    These Liquid Heat Exchangers heat the Boilers, set to 221 bar & 1mB as per the tutorials.
    From there, Fluiducts should take the superheated steam to the turbine, which will in turn send the output steam to a second turbine, which in turn is connected to a condenser, which will feed water back to the Boilers via another set of fluiducts. All have Fluid Ejector Upgrades.

    When I start the reactor, the boilers heat up (as expected) however the "steam pipe" fills with water, the turbines seem to remain empty for some reason but don't generate power, and nothing seems to get sent back to the boilers. I understand that the steam boiler creates water occasionally, but I assume this would just be ejected from turbine 1 > turbine 2 > condenser > water pipe > Boiler again.
    How can I make this work? (note: I can't just connect the turbines directly to the boilers. I need to pipe it elsewhere.)
    Thank you!