What are good glasses

  • What are good glasses

    I often see these kinds of questions, where to go, you can say that everyone has their own answers in their hearts, but I think that if you make a classification of the current optical shops, there will be more suitable for each type of optical shops. 1. Having said so much, now I am starting to get into the topic. In fact, the matching of America's Best Eyeglasses Near Me | Prescription Glasses Vlookglasses will actually change according to our own consumption ability. Here I will talk about some of the better glasses shops that people in Shanghai know first, and then talk about how Go to choose lenses and frames.

    1. Highly specialized ophthalmology hospitals: mainly to solve eye diseases and provide professional optometry, suitable for children under 12 years old who are first equipped with glasses, because the children's eye adjustment ability is very strong. Reducing the interference of pupil dilation and shrinkage on optometry can make the optometry more accurate, but generally the price of glasses will be more expensive. For example: ENT, Aier.

    2. Large-scale chain optical shops: After Best Eyeglasses for Square Face Shape years of operation, this type of optical shops has relatively rich management experience and brand awareness, and some are even former state-owned enterprises. They have strong control over the product supply chain, formal, professional, and price expensive. For example: Wu Liangcai, Maochang.

    3. A new type of office glasses shop: This is a glasses business model that has only appeared in China in the last 2-3 years. It originated in Hong Kong at the earliest. The advantage of this model is that it saves a lot of rent costs, and the price is relative to the store. It will be about half the price, but because in office buildings, most people can't find it, mainly relying on word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends, so the popularity is not high. For example: Japanese Tsukaki glasses, fast-fashion Black And Gold Eyeglasses For Men Women shop for back-shaped glasses: The frames are mainly trendy styles, and they mainly rely on selling frames. They are not professional and suitable for those who have a high demand for styles. For example: Mu Jiushi, Jins, Aojo, and then another way to describe, see if it can be clearer: Care about the professional order of optometry: Otorhinolaryngology, Aier, Wu Liangcai care about the brand order: Puyi, Wu Liangcai, Baodao , MG cares about the order of cost performance: aojo, Qingzi cares about the order of services: Puyi, Lean, Aier