Which versions of Minecraft is in-development or on porting progress for IC2?

  • I know IndustrialCraft2's last version is on Minecraft 1.12.x(Cross-version between 1.12 ~ 1.12.2), but Minecraft currently is on 1.17.1(including the OFFICIAL copper ore:Copper Ore: and ingot:Copper Ingot:).

    Maybe it's hard to know right now(for me) but the latest release is at Oct. 2020.

    So... Please let me and us know which version is in development :)

    * If you're talking about Minecraft 1.16, than 1.16.2 and later release should be called differently because there's new items and mobs. Forge mods mostly don't support cross-version support between 1.16 ~ 1.16.1 and 1.16.2 ~ 1.16.5.

    * Also, If you're talking about Minecraft 1.17+, than please let us know if you've changed copper ore:Copper Ore: spawn policy.