ic2 tweaker - wrong dropping chance from ScrapBox custom recipe

  • Hi everyone!

    Once me decided create own modpack with industriall mods, include ic2, for skyblock map. Next i wanted add custom cfg for mods. I started using craft tweaker+mod tweaker to do this. Also ic2 has craft tweaker support addon - "ic2 tweaker". After all this when i wanted add custom recipe for scrapbox from ic2 using ic2 tweaker+craft tweaker was get an unexpected result - next was get an unexpected result: the real item drop chance dont match cfg chance line, which was be it setted.

    Testing item for this: bedrock, setted chance = 0.1F (weighted item) like diamond in the ic2

    My .zs cfg line setted like in the crafttweaker documentation:

    Scrap Box - CraftTweaker Documentation (blamejared.com)

    original source code of ic2 tweaker (ScrapboxSupport)

    I rewrite code for this ScrapBoxSupport action.

    At this .zs cfg line setted like now

    So, also it worked, nice… But, the situation is not changed - wrong item drop chance from scrapboxes.

    Guys, help me to find solution this issue.

    Thanks in advance.