Problem: Well I dont know what happend but every thing just exploaded and I cant enter the world

  • Ok the last thing I remember doing is connecting my Mass Fabricator to my MFSU and spawning a Quantom Legs (My disappeared after removing a MFSU with them inside)
    Then after like 2-3 seconds the game crashed with a boom sound.
    Now I cant enter the world it instantly crashes
    And how I know it exploaded? I entered with MCEdit and saw a big crator where my house was. :(

    P.S :Nuke TNT:
    NO I dont have any Nuclear reactors working
    NO I didnt forgat to turn one of then off cus I dont have any nuclear reactors :/

  • Oh 8|
    But should it make a giant crator? like from a nuclear reactor exploation?
    And... Should it crash the game so badly that I cant enter my world :(

    And how does it give 2048 energy? I know those cables are capable to do that but the MFSU sending 512 doesnt it?

    The sound of the drill is weird its just repeating it self over and over when it is equiped
    its making the sound again and again even when I dont use it Its annoying

  • I tryed to backtrace it but it didnt work...
    the cmd command say:
    "Error: Could not find or load main class C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\lwjgl.jar"
    and about the world... ill upload it and send you a PM.

  • Transformers store a little power in between outputs, if you had enough power stored in it to send a EV pulse, then when you flick the lever the EV pulse will flow back to the MV transformer and MFSU probably detonating both.
    I have not tested that since 1.00 since I am not willing to risk my MFSU's.. again ;(

    I always have switch transformers set up with 2 transformers like so:
    Incoming(LV) -> Trans1-Always Redstoned -> Out(MV) -> Trans2-Toggle/Lever(MV) -> Out(LV)
    :Cable: :Cable: :Batbox: :LV-Transformer: :Glass Fibre: :LV-Transformer: :Batbox: :Cable: :Cable:

    The left transformer is always redstoned and so stepping up.
    The right one has the lever (or redstone current from elsewhere) to turn the system on or off.

    That way when I flick the lever on the right one even if it sends an EV pulse back to the left one it hits the EV face of it and doesn't go boom >.<

    Essentially just make sure that any path the power could flow back from the toggle one can handle the higher voltage.