Can I get banned for Playing with XRAY on the Multiplayer Server

  • Hello guys! I have a simple question and I hope someone can help me out with it. I'm playing on a Minecraft server for a while but it is so hard for me to find diamonds, netherite or any other ores. I was looking for a solution on how to find these ores faster and found one, it is this texture pack and it is called XRAY. I downloaded but I never used it on the multiplayer server yet because my friend told me to not use it because I will get banned. Is it true? Can I get banned for playing with XRAY texture pack? Thank you for helping me out.

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  • Don't use an X-RAY texture pack. All you need is an automated miner.

    This device is surely most awesome. It will do your job and doesn't even want to be paid!

    The Automated Miner requires three things to run: Energy, a Drill Bit and Mining Pipes.

    Put some Mining Pipes in the top-middle slot and an energy source (of course we recommend you our T500-Rechargeable Energy Storation Unit here, as well) in the lower one or supply it directly using an Energy Transfer Cable N-x.

    Now the Miner will start its operation, digging and planting Mining Pipes below it, as well as using the (hopefully) inserted OD Scanner or OV Scanner to scan for nearby ores. Once detected, the Miner will dig to the detected ore and harvest it. All harvested ore will then be transported through the Mining Pipe and ejected on the surface, next to the Miner.

    The Miner will mine all ore in an 5x5 area (with itself in the center), as far down as possible (if you have enough pipes, that is). Upon reaching inpenetrable objects (f.e. Obsidian), the miner will stop its operation.

    Once you've stripped the entire area, you can just put any sort of block into the pipe slot and remove the drill. The Miner will then start WITHDRAWING all laid Mining Pipes and replace them with the filling material. This way, you will never "consume" Mining Pipes. If the Miner stops operating in this mod, it has withdrawn all pipes and can be recollected for placing it on a new location.

    Come on, let's do this together:



  • The OD Scanner, or Ore Density Evaluation Device, does... uhm... evaluate the total Ore Density of the ground below your feet.

    In fact, it will scan a small area around you and then display the ore/stone ratio of the scanned area.

    I've got to say, I have no clue about the exact math algorithm, either, but someone told me BIGGER values mean MORE ORE and are therefore GOOD.

    And Good means Profit, HAYO!