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    In line with vanilla Minecraft, breaking an ore block should drop a raw material.

    For those who haven't been keeping up with vanilla, the only ore block that still drops itself in ore form is Ancient Debris (source of Netherite). Everything else will drop a material such as "raw iron", "raw copper", "raw gold", etc.

    The same should be implemented with respect to IndustrialCraft2 ores (lead, tin, silver, uranium).


    Unless I am mistaken, the EU-Reader recorded the flow of energy units into that cable over sixteen seconds. The average (mean) recorded was approximately 19,590,000 EU per tick. The peak in-flow was approximately 28,656 EU per tick, and the trough was approximately 6,172.81 EU per tick.

    I haven't noticed any downsides of using Weed-EX, except if you try to right click with a 1000mB Universal Fluid Cell full of the stuff, and the plant is already maxed out, it will place the Weed-EX liquid into the world (destroying your crops).

    But the same thing happens with water.

    I've noticed all the guides seem to say avoid Weed-EX like the plague, but I've gone from vanilla seeds to avg. mid-20s with my cropsticks saturated in Weed-EX. I never have been able to sustain plants at max stats, though... still need to experiment...


    Copyright IC2 Dev Team under the "It's Our Stuff, Not Yours!" License (formerly the "It's My Stuff, Not Yours!" License).

    The original developer's thoughts on open-source:

    As all of my projects, it will go open source if it's not continued by its orginial team anymore.

    Which probably means: No, never.

    I'm not familiar with the development so I don't know what (if any) contributor license they are using. It might not be possible to open-source the project without consent from every previous developer.

    Note that IndustrialCraft (IC1), MedievalCraft, and Mine4Dead are still closed-source over eight years after being discontinued. I'm not sure if anybody has asked Alblaka to release the sources during those eight years, though.


    Hi from 2021!

    Let's see...

    There may be pics in the original Kirara thread: [1.6.4] Gregtech hardmode server

    From the Kirara 2 thread:

    There's also a Kirara 2.0 base screenshot thread here: Kirara 2.0 Bases

    There's Pyrolusite's pictures from the Kirara 3 village planning thread: Hardcore Kirara 3.0 - Custom NPC village

    From this thread:

    And Invictra did a video of her Kirara 1 base as late as August, 2015:



    ummm.. ok btw can i get all of crops by cross breeding other crops??

    Yes, you can get all of the crops through cross-breeding. If you start out with two wheat crops, and you cross-breed wheat enough times, you will eventually get a new crop. If you continue cross-breeding different combinations of crops you can eventually discover all of the types, even though you originally started with two vanilla wheat seeds.

    But personally I would recommend starting with sugarcane instead of wheat, because there are only three growth stages (compared to seven stages for wheat). That means less time to wait for it to grow.


    The Wiki has never listed all of the different crops you can crossbreed. It's supposed to be a secret!

    But if you really must know, take a look at the creative mode inventory. You can see all of the different type of crops by hovering over the seed bags in the IC2 tab.

    If you just want to know how many different types of crops, look in this spoiler:

    I don't know how many crops there are in Gregtech, the above only concerns vanilla IC2. But it is possible that Gregtech seed bags will show up in your creative inventory, too.


    Hi from 2021,

    If you want to use the Mass Fabricator you will need to use the UU Assembly Bench. Unfortunately I don't think there is a recipe to craft that machine. You can probably add a recipe with a custom shaped_recipes.ini. (Open up the IC2 Jar file, copy shaped_recipes.ini from IC2Jar/assets/ic2/config into your minecraft/config/ic2 folder, then modify it to add a new recipe)

    Come to think of it, I don't think there's a recipe for the Mass Fabricator, either.

    The Wiki article is outdated and I should probably fix it. You are supposed to use a Matter Fabricator, which is a wholly different machine that produces liquid UU-Matter. There is a tutorial which is up-to-date here:



    Good day zromaz,

    Try using build 197. Build 196 in particular had a bug which causes the server to crash, but it has been fixed in build 197.

    For posterity, the instructions are as follows:

    • Download the Minecraft Forge server software from
    • Install as per Forge instructions for your platform.
    • Download the latest IndustrialCraft2 release from the Jenkins build system. As of this post, the most recent version is industrialcraft-2-2.8.197-ex112.jar. This file goes in the server folder from the previous step, under the subfolder named "mods".
    • That's it!

    This is a followup to Lion4K's thread.

    I wouldn't suggest such powerful or complicated shields as Lion4K did. My suggestion is to add a ballistic shield made of advanced alloy.

    This shield is much stronger than wood and iron and has a durability of 559. It usually takes a strong hit dealing five hearts or more to affect the durability. However there is a downside, the shield is weak to pickaxes, drills, and mining lasers. These tools will always affect the durability and, like an axe, have a chance to disable the shield.

    Have you ever wondered why you are running around with modern composite armor :Composite Armor: and a medieval shield?

    Maybe you are tired of being killed by other players with chainsaws and Nano-Sabers.

    Perhaps you mine with dynamite but are too lazy to back away?

    Fear not, after two weeks of internal testing IndustrialCorp2 has issued the blueprints for a new ballistic shield.

    To craft, simply weld seven sheets of advanced alloy together, like this:

    :Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating:

    :Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating:

    ----:Intergrated Plating:----

    Now you can run around with matching armor :Composite Armor: and shield :Intergrated Plating:.

    Good evening,

    I was just reading VermillionX's omnicritique of the current state of IndustrialCraft2 and it occurred to me that the Magnetizer should at least power any rails on top of it.

    Look, I don't have Railcraft on my 1.12.2 world. Until I find a Mesa biome or expand my Aurelia plot I'm low on gold.

    I just do it out of habit. The practice comes from, where the awesome people (moderators, officials) got to use this great blue coloring which looked better on the dark background of the forum. I guess I feel a little bit more awesome when my posts are in blue. Actually, now that I think about it, coloring my posts blue is probably not worth the trouble of taking extra time and characters. On the other hand, it does force me to read over my text before posting.

    It gets obnoxious when quoting.

    The colors don't carry over when I quote, do they?

    I don't have Buildcraft installed, but it works with Electric Sorting Machines, Item Buffers, and Chests. (I use the Electric Sorting Machine)
    Maybe you set the Ejector Upgrade to the wrong side? You only need one, by the way. Also, make sure it is the yellow Ejector Upgrade. In the worst case, Buildcraft pipes may not work (if that is so, it probably deserves a bug report).
    Finally, this thread may have a better home in the Support forum.