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    Good day zromaz,

    Try using build 197. Build 196 in particular had a bug which causes the server to crash, but it has been fixed in build 197.

    For posterity, the instructions are as follows:

    • Download the Minecraft Forge server software from
    • Install as per Forge instructions for your platform.
    • Download the latest IndustrialCraft2 release from the Jenkins build system. As of this post, the most recent version is industrialcraft-2-2.8.197-ex112.jar. This file goes in the server folder from the previous step, under the subfolder named "mods".
    • That's it!

    This is a followup to Lion4K's thread.

    I wouldn't suggest such powerful or complicated shields as Lion4K did. My suggestion is to add a ballistic shield made of advanced alloy.

    This shield is much stronger than wood and iron and has a durability of 559. It usually takes a strong hit dealing five hearts or more to affect the durability. However there is a downside, the shield is weak to pickaxes, drills, and mining lasers. These tools will always affect the durability and, like an axe, have a chance to disable the shield.

    Have you ever wondered why you are running around with modern composite armor :Composite Armor: and a medieval shield?

    Maybe you are tired of being killed by other players with chainsaws and Nano-Sabers.

    Perhaps you mine with dynamite but are too lazy to back away?

    Fear not, after two weeks of internal testing IndustrialCorp2 has issued the blueprints for a new ballistic shield.

    To craft, simply weld seven sheets of advanced alloy together, like this:

    :Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating:

    :Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating::Intergrated Plating:

    ----:Intergrated Plating:----

    Now you can run around with matching armor :Composite Armor: and shield :Intergrated Plating:.

    Good evening,

    I was just reading VermillionX's omnicritique of the current state of IndustrialCraft2 and it occurred to me that the Magnetizer should at least power any rails on top of it.

    Look, I don't have Railcraft on my 1.12.2 world. Until I find a Mesa biome or expand my Aurelia plot I'm low on gold.

    I just do it out of habit. The practice comes from, where the awesome people (moderators, officials) got to use this great blue coloring which looked better on the dark background of the forum. I guess I feel a little bit more awesome when my posts are in blue. Actually, now that I think about it, coloring my posts blue is probably not worth the trouble of taking extra time and characters. On the other hand, it does force me to read over my text before posting.

    It gets obnoxious when quoting.

    The colors don't carry over when I quote, do they?

    I don't have Buildcraft installed, but it works with Electric Sorting Machines, Item Buffers, and Chests. (I use the Electric Sorting Machine)
    Maybe you set the Ejector Upgrade to the wrong side? You only need one, by the way. Also, make sure it is the yellow Ejector Upgrade. In the worst case, Buildcraft pipes may not work (if that is so, it probably deserves a bug report).
    Finally, this thread may have a better home in the Support forum.

    What is the forum policy on necroposting? What if the thread is newly relevant? What if we want it bumped? What if we have the answers that nobody gave when the OP asked? What if we just want to answer for posterity? How old is obsolete? Is it OK to reply after a thread has been revived? Can you get in trouble for necromancy? Is it OK to expose the necromancer for his evils? What are the consequences? Will a dragon wielding a large Bodacious-Anti-Necroposting hammer appear at level 9001? Will said dragon instead roll over in its grave in the hirez forums?
    We should have a necropolicy sticky on every board, regardless to the answers to these questions.

    Why would any modpack ever have Enderstorage, Railcraft, and IC2 in the same pack? It seems redundant since Enderstorage + Teleporters obsolete Railcraft (which I just started using yesterday). Also, I looked up the Enderstorage mod and apparently there are 256 different channels, plus another 256 per player! Ridiculous! That makes for 512 individual channels in SinglePlayer... and they are inter-dimensional, too! But, since I just installed Railcraft I probably won't be using Enderstorage any time soon. I'm too busy making my rail factory (now that I have a charcoal factory next to the forest). I already have a neat theme in mind where the rails go on IC2 scaffolds.

    I installed Railcraft because my jetpigs don't carry items, and vanilla minecarts are tricky/got boring for long-distance item transport.

    I like the cactus idea. Elecktrums is unnecessary because of Redwheat. Redwheat yields Redstone Dust, which is already a primary battery (600 EU in a Generator). I feel "Flower Wisdom" is overpowered.

    better enderchests with colorcoding which are automatable

    Wow. Sounds overpowered! I could carry just one Silk Touch Pickaxe and one Enderchest which unloads to my item storage in the spawn chunks, and go on a very long journey without suffering from a full inventory!
    Also on SMP other people could put a hopper under my Enderchest while I am away, since it is automatable...

    As I am sure many of you know, I have not been around for a while. This has been do to many things, most primarily irl busyness.
    Since many people have asked for the src codes of my mods for updating, I have decided to make them open src.
    Here is a link to those srcs:
    I don't know when I'll be back guys, but I won't be gone forever.

    Not sure how long ago he updated his About Me, nor am I sure that this mod is in that link or that the link is still valid. He hasn't been seen since: "Sunday, September 7th 2014"

    steam is the lowest industrial tech level i can possibly see

    There was actually a lot of "industrial" technology before steam power came to prominence in England, in the eighteenth century. As far as direct predecessors, water power was by far more important than steam power for most of the industrial revolution (in England; the industrial revolution is really an English thing). Other mostly European countries who Industrialized would rely on mostly water power until the early-ish nineteenth century.


    • assembly lines, manufactured parts, mass media, mints and paper money, canals

    Power production:

    • Water wheel, wind tower, animal engines, treadwheels, internal combustion engine, dams (with water mills)

    Applied Industry:

    • Grain mills, sawmills, hydraulic mining, ore mills (function like macerators), pumps, cotton gins (pre-whitney), seed drill, Blast furnii, cranes, elevators, pile driver


    • Steel, explosives, magnetism, matches, concrete, chrome, paper (from wood, silly!)


    • Rockets, wooden ballistics, land mines, naval mines, crossbows, firearms, shipyards

    I have omitted things which were insignificant to industry, such as static electricity, the corporation, clockwork, or the Aeolipile. Also omitted are concepts which were not implemented until after the rise of steampower in the 1700s, such as the tank, torpedo.