Industrialcraft 2 and forestry for 1.6.4

  • Hello hello good people.

    I've found and old minecraft installation in one of my older pcs, I tried to run it on my newer system but i'm stumbling upon a error between Forestry and IC2, obviously back in time it was working fine, I suspect it may be an error with newer java version maybe? I'm not sure. If I disable Ic2 or Forestry everything works like a charme though. I tried to reinstall forestry with a freshly downloaded file (but they were the very same md5 can confirm that), the problem is that I can't find where to download a fresh version of ic2 since the jenkins thing apparently it's down from some months now.

    That's the link to the pastebin:

    I thank you for any help you can provide in advance.

  • Problem solved installing the jre1.8.0_341 version for this specific minecraft version (for older versions is the last usable).

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