Litematica Mod (1.21.1, 1.21) – Extra Functionality for Creative Mode

  • Litematica Mod (1.21.1, 1.21) is a client-side schematic mod for Minecraft, with also lots of extra functionality especially for creative mode (such as schematic pasting, area cloning, moving, filling, deletion). Litematica was started as an alternative for Schematica, for players who don’t want to have Forge installed on their client, and that’s why it was developed for Liteloader. Litematica is a schematic mod that allows players to build by visualizing a 3D hologram of the finished structure. It helps players gather all the required resources and allows them to see where each block should be placed. All mod features are controlled with the help of a stick inside the game.Litematica contains a detailed material list and a HUD option that helps collect resources, schematic verifier features, and several overlays. This mod also adds several new commands that players can use to instantly fill, replace, or delete blocks from a selected area.

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