[SMP SERVER] - SANDNMINECRAFT - Buildcraft2, industrialcraft2, redpower2, minefactory, NOLAGG, Bukket - 24/7 - no lag - MC 1.0 [Updated]

  • IGN: RyanH100
    Age: 25
    Youtube name - G0DzSC0PE - Dont do a let's play. But that's my youtube./
    What type of experience do you have? I've played alot of BC and IC2 on single player. Only found out about redpower recently but it seems very nice and getting use to it :D
    Why this server? I would love to play this server because I love building with each other big machines using BC and making automatic machines. I'm very lonley in single player so I've decided to give multiplayer a go. I also love making new friends and helping people.

  • IGN: Frzncld
    Age: 17
    What type of experience do you have? I have multiple forms of experience, ranging from administration on a server

    to moderating and helping server members get the most from their time on the server to general gameplay on servers and SP.
    I have played Minecraft for 8 months now and Industrial craft for 1 month.
    Why this server? I'm looking for a new challenge with the addition of buildcraft on this server.

  • Just a quick question, doesn't your all in one rar containing all the mods go along the same lines of the Technic Pack that every mod creator hated? Didn't it break their licenses and such?

    Not stating this to be a dick, I'm just honestly curious. I would much rather put together a rar for my users, but as far as I know, this is prohibited.

  • Just a quick question, doesn't your all in one rar containing all the mods go along the same lines of the Technic Pack that every mod creator hated? Didn't it break their licenses and such?

    Not stating this to be a dick, I'm just honestly curious. I would much rather put together a rar for my users, but as far as I know, this is prohibited.

    No no its a very good question, that I'm happy to answer. If you do not want to use our .rar then your more than welcome to install all the latest mods your self and edit your config file. This will take you hours depending on your internet connection. Because you need to read on how to do it, then you may miss a step and so on.

    To make it easy on people who wish to join our server we placed the config files and the mods in a rar file. (NOTE! the minecraft.jar file will never be placed with in this .rar file)

    We website is still being built and with in a few days there will be a how to on doing installing everything you need to in order to get on.

    We are not trying to break any licenses and make anyone made, just trying to make it as easy as possible for people.

  • We had over 100 apps, and had picked 10 people who we felt will make the server a better place, if you didn't get picked don't fell bad, maybe you never played anyone of the mobs or something.

    From this point on it is pay to play, the fee is $10.00 USD and you can goto http://www.sandnminecraft.com/pay.php and pay it with in 12 hrs your be added to the server. (more then likely it will be with in the hour)

    Thank you and have a good day.

  • IGN: fredriklangbo and xSigKill
    Age: 15
    Youtube: iPeaceRich and zSigkill we don't have any videos
    What Type of experience do you have: We have a lot off experience but we´re looking for a server so we can play together and with all the awesome people on the server.
    Why this server: Because it looks like a stable server with a lot of cool plugins/mods

  • This is just a information bump, stating that we bumped the price up to $10.00 for the entry fee. This is done so we do not flood the server all at once with people who wants in.

    I will also update the main post.

  • This is just an update to everyone who likes to keep track of them. We added a new mod called Iron Chest.

    It’s a very cool mod, we also can use LWC with this, pipes connect to them just fine, over all a well-liked mod. We run permission based server with bukkit, and we are running very smooth.

    We run also have a nice map http://www.sandnminecraft.com/map.php
    We did up our server fee to $10 one time only.

    I had a few questions about this fee so I’ll be answering them here.

  • I have a few questions because I'm very seriously thinking about joining.

    1. Do you have a teamspeak/ventrilo/mumble/skype/etc. so that the community can chat with voice?

    2. Is there a block limit? Meaning is there a certain radius that people can explore in?

    3. Is there a way to better contact the admins? I feel right now it's limited to either posting here or in-game.

    Thanks for the cooperation, hoping to see you guys soon :)

    EDIT: *Deleted* Fixed the problem.

  • We run a open Mumble server and give all our member our skype accounts. Your also have access to our e-mail address's. We are working on the website and will have our own forum on there as well. So talking with the community and getting a hold of an admin are very easy ATM. There is no block limit right now. So explore away. If you have any other questions please ask.

  • Thanks for the quick reply :D I sent the fee just now.

    Here's my application:

    IGN: Creativityy

    Age: 17

    Youtube Name: TheCreativityy (I don't make videos)

    What type of experience do you have: When it comes to minecraft, I'm a genius. I've been playing minecraft since October 26th, 2010 (yes, I've written down when I first bought the game). I have never gotten tired of the game with all the expansions to it and the friendly array of players all over. I found industrial-craft about 2 months ago, along with buildcraft and others of the nature. I've been playing those types of servers lately, but I'm looking for more of a griefer-proof server. With me having a job, cash isn't something I worry too much about, so paying to keep my hours of work safe sounds fair. The fact that you said that the server is going to be long-term makes me automatically attracted to this server. I am VERY fascinated with minefactory since I'm brand-new to it and am looking forward to learning more about it.

    Why this server: I kind of went a bit off task above, but I'll say it again. This server is practically griefer proof. It's also going to be ran for a long period of time. I'm not a fan of joining a server, starting a house and spending countless hours getting materials just to find the server going down the next week. I want a server that I can trust. I want to get to know all the players very well, to where I know their personality like the back of my hand.

  • Whenever I attempt to join it says:

    Internal exception: java.io.IOException: String length of 1953068645 is higher than the max (65535).

    The "1953068645" changes every time.

    EDIT: Fixed, the first time I installed the mods, I added the rar directly after the modloaders without running minecraft to update the files.

  • We have many many happy player on our server. Would you love you play knowing your items are safe? Knowing you will never get greafted? Umm well join and share the felling that other members have.

  • When the 1.0 version comes out I'll make an in-depth guide on installing the mods, if you'd like. I saw on the site you were looking into make one, so I figured I'd bump in here and volunteer.