Suggestion: Grinders AKA Mortar & Pestle

  • This idea came up while I was working on a Challenge involving IC2. I noticed that the only way to get bronze was by using dust, and the only way to get dust is with a macerator. In order to make the macerator, we need refined Iron, so in order to make bronze we need iron machines? Doesn't seem right.

    I would like to suggest the implementation of 'Grinders' or the 'Mortar & Pestle' cheaper, less effective alternatives to Macerators. The machine should be operated by hand, perhaps by a redstone switch connected to the machine, after a set number of pulls it would produce a single ore dust, perhaps a chance at making two. In this way, players can gather ore dust and create Bronze without having to first gather Iron.

    Grinder recipe:
    W=Wooden Planks F=Flint S=Stone
    F F F
    S S S

    Mortar & Pestle recipe:
    B=Bowl S=Stone +=Blank

  • Apparently I failed my search-fu.

    My only question after reviewing the reason why the original suggestion was denied;
    Isn't Bronze weaker and heavier than Iron? So, shouldn't it be slower and easier to break?

    IMO Bronze would fit well between stone and iron.

    Perhaps diamonds could be macerated into diamond dust, then one combines a diamond dust with iron, creating Adamant. I envision 1 diamond dust + 2 iron = 4 Adamant.
    Adamant tools could be another option for a step up from iron, besides, bronze being better than iron just seems silly.

    And if all of this is simply out of the question, just say so and I'll shut up about it.