Crafting Nations! IC2 1.22, Buildcraft 2.2.5, RedPower 2pr3b (Whitelist) (20 Slots)

  • Collinw24's Crafting Nations! Featuring IC2 1.22, Buildcraft 2.2.5, RedPower 2pr3b.

    1. No hacked clients or flymods. Any suspicion of this is a ban, no questions asked!
    2. No destroying other's creations
    3. No griefing of any kind. If caught it is an instant ban!
    4. Be polite! And have fun!


    ~IC^2 V1.22 Link- If I have to link you to this I don't want you on the server.
    ~All Buildcraft 2.2.5 Link-…raft-for-minecraft-1-8-1/
    ~All Redpower 2pr3b Link-

    Whitelist info:

    Simply post your IGN below if you wish to join. We reserve the right to remove you from the whitelist at any time.

    Appealing a ban:

    If for some reason you were banned and you believe that you are innocent, post below. We will look into appealing the ban.