Suggestion ArmorChargeChest and new Laser mode

  • ok what i interested in is using a chest/personal chest connected to MFSU that allow charge all stuff in chest

    and something like "Desintergration mode" for laser that blows only that blocks what it tourch

    for example

    it removed only dirt but left stone sand and stonebriks

    and radius let be 5-8 blocks with 20,000 eu per shoot uses

    just thinked about, a scrap generator!

    it works just like a recycler but it use only eu and generate scrap

    a recipe:

    :Iridium: :Recycler: :Iridium:
    :Recycler: :Advanced Machine: :Recycler:

    :Iridium: :Recycler: :Iridium:

    it takes 900-1000 eu per one scrap and make them instantly!

    or it make scrap that cannot be used in generator, only in mass fabs

    it just for prevent a huge coble generators that making lot lags to server

    OR trash maker with same recipe and making only trash for recycler

    sorry for my bad english