Copyright for Alblaka's mods

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    IMS-License (It's my stuff!)
    Everything seen on this forum and directly related to the content of this post is copyright'd by the respective author of this mod (me, Alblaka).
    Any sort of files associated with this content (= the Download) may only be used for it's actual purpouse (installing and playing IndustrialCraft/MedievalCraft).
    You may modify any or all of the content, but are NOT allowed to public any of it.
    As well, noone besides the author and persons elected by the author are allowed to provide any download links.
    Everyone else is NOT allowed to public any sort of download, though he/she may hand out links to this website/thread instead.
    Exspecially it is EXPLICITELY NOT allowed for anyone besides the author to earn any money by using this content's existence.
    This includes adfly, site advertisment and donations.
    Any of the limitations above can be nullified by an explicite permission of the author.

    Addition to the copyright:
    You are free to use this mod for creating tutorial/let's play videos and publish them on YouTube.

    Currently, Feanturi/IndustrialCraft wiki is the only exception for providing a direct download link for IC and MeC.
    All other limitations still apply.