[1.4.6] Nep's Server, FTB Mindcrack pack! Redpower, Ic2, Builcraft, Forestry, And more! No whitelist! :D

  • What FTB should we have on this server? 14

    1. Mindcrack Pack (6) 43%
    2. Direwolf20's pack (3) 21%
    3. FtbPAck, ( when its out for 1.4.6) (3) 21%
    4. xxMinefabixx's pack (1) 7%
    5. No pack, Keep it vanilla (1) 7%

    Pontusedberg's Server & Nightfury's server,
    This is an awesome server where we tend to build a morden world
    Lots of wiring, sewers, solar plants, nuclear facilities and more!
    Mods using.
    This list might be outaded, i recommend joining with just the latest forge and see what mods we are using, :=)

    Mods and confic files
    You need thease config files to play on the server,
    New link! http://feed-the-beast.com/#download_wrapper
    Remember to choose the Mindcrack Pack! :D

    * I dont own any of the mods, and all the credits go to thier rightfully owners

    *recomended mods not included in the modpack
    Optifine http://www.minecraftforum.net/…ures-aa-af-and-much-more/

    1, No griefing.
    2. No stealing, This includes chests and blocks.
    3. Quarrys are allowed but only 1. ( place in desert or ocean)
    4.Nukes only in your own Mystcraft world.
    5. Don't overuse Solar Panels.
    6.Respect the Admins any choice they make is always the right choice.
    7. Keep the server Neat and clean.


    Mumble voice server
    ( planing to get teamspeak instead)

    Random info about the server
    The server is on Easy mode
    We got a commandblock taking care of the Rain! No more stupid annoying loud rain! :D
    Creepers cant destroy blocks, But they can hurt you!
    You can lock chests with /lock, and any other items ( THIS IS NOT BUKKIT, ITS A MOD)
    You can set your home with /sethome
    You keep your inventory when you die! :D
    Do /back to return to your death point.

    Pretty pictures

    Q: im getting this error forestry.arboriculture.items.ItemGermlingGE.a(ItemGermlingGE.java:104 http://pastebin.com/azCiRfmb
    A: Disable NEI, or creative mode, Forestry sapplings are a bit bugged now,

    Q: Thease mods conflict with each other, Or my GUI is screwed up, Or machines are computers etc
    A: Download the official config, I try to keep it updated.

    Q: How do i donate to this awesome server? :D
    A: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin…d_button_id=FGQ6G8KMRUJSE

    Please post your name in the receipt, and then post here on the forum how much money you donated. :)

  • i dont know what happend i was exploring to find a place to build my house and suddenly it crashed and completly wont respond. i restarted y minecraft and it keeps happening asept i dont even get a screen to see where i am its just black and constly trying to load. there is just a random spike in lag in they chunk i am in i can do anythink i would try to teleport to spawn but i cant since there arnt no commands since we havent got bukkit plz help.

  • Yes finnaly installed Bukkit! :D
    Sorry for the bump guys, but i would also like to know what kind of plugins should i install to bukkit?

    Should i add Economy, towny, factions, CW-locks. and more bukkit plugins i dont know about?
    lett me know in the comments down below!

    just add cw-locks not need more then that, and add please adv machines =D would be da best server

  • just checked out your server.. looks very nice, me and 1 or 2 of my buddies may come join you.

    if you need help with server, i have a fully built bukkit server (successfully) running the following mods,

    BuildCraft 2.2.11
    Industrial Craft 2 1.43
    Modular Force Fields v1beta4
    Advanced Machines 3.1
    Crafting Table II v1.5
    MineFactoryReloaded 1.4.0
    Multi Page Chests 1.0.6
    Nether Ores 1.1.0
    Power Converters 1.3.0
    Red Power 2.0pr4b
    Additional Pipes 31.4

    let me know if you are interested XD

  • couple ideas for plugins....

    you already have essentials,
    Essentials GEO IP is nice
    mcMMO - xp / skills ie... the more you mine the higher chance of double drops.
    noLagg - hopefully you have this already XD
    WorldBorder - keeps map from getting HUGE
    and yeah, LWC

    some more i can't think of at the moment

  • Essentials GEO: already instales
    mcMMO Wont work with adv pipes :<
    noLagg installed! :D
    SmoothBoat: Kinda uneasery, i will see my asisent will install it
    WorldBorder Again wont work with adv pipes
    DynMAP already installed but is behing weird, check yourself at ( probebly adv pipes again, :p)
    and yeah, LWC already installed

  • having trouble getting some gui's to work...
    suspect gui id conflicts...
    can you tell me the gui id's for
    all advanced machines,
    automatic crafting table (BC)

    chunkloader block id.


    or... just upload a copy of the client config file.


  • SHould be same when you install all the mods server is using, if you use any other mods it might mess things up :x

    But i will post the gui's..

    all advanced machines,
    automatic crafting table (BC)

    Chunkloader block:


    built a machine shop and sorting factory and now i cant come within eye shot of my home..... kinda unfun

    Can you warp to /spawn and perhaps and op or admin could clean out your shop?

    WOuld also help if you posted your coordinates,

  • ok, so i see you installed forestry... uber!
    updated my client, and removed any mods that aren't included in your server.
    everything working great....

    then i do /spawn....
    and client crashes. and keeps crashing every time i log in.....
    something at spawn is bugged.....

    also, now that forestry is installed, how are we supposed to get the raw mats needed by forestry? ie apatite... they werent generated in the world...