an upgrade to mining drill?

  • I would like to get started making a varient of the mining drill that can be turned any of the six directions, defaulting to straight down like the normal drill. I have an idea of how I want to implement it, but the biggest problem for me is setting up the development environment so I can get started. I do know java, I just down't know how to decompile the source code, set up eclipse, the works.

    Is there any handy refrences that I can use that will spell out all (or at least 90% of) the steps I'll need to take to set up the environment?

    As for the the drill, these are the following main points I'm after and how it differs from the default.

    • When the drill is first placed, it is in the same orientation as the standard drill, straight down (towards -y). A wrench can reorient it as needed (+/- X,Y,Z)
    • Once a drill is started in a particular direction it should NOT be redirected to a different direction, not until the shaft is fully withdrawn.
    • (optional) Going straight up takes more power then going down, as your working against gravity. Working sideways also takes more energy, both for gravity and for the length of the shaft.
    • (optional) There will be a point where the power demand to dig horizontally will be too much, depending on the wiring and cabling infrastructure in place.
    • (optional) An option in the gui for the driller will allow for it to just excavate all the blocks instead of just the precious ores and the intervening cobble stone from the drillhead to the ore. A horizontal driller with this option turned on can make tunnels depending on the scanner installed (none, OD, OV). (by comparison, Buildcraft's quarry is more flexible as to area coverage.)
    • (optional) A possible limitation for horizontal drilling might be to require stone to support it every X distance, otherwise it will not continue as the weight of the shaft would break off at the tip due to lack of support.

    I have the idea that this will require making a new drillhead block and horizontal mineshaft pieces if I can't reorient the pieces already in play to do what I need.

    Suggestions will also be greately appreciated.

  • Hi.
    I have just recently decided to take a try at modding and had the same trouble at setting everything up. ;)

    Please, have a a look at CamelOre's guides - they include everything a beginner needs: from setting up MCE to fiddling with some blocks/items. I have to admit that knowing Java helps a bit, but generally writing mods requires you to understand and use ModLoader/Minecraft Forge methods/api.

    You can find CamelOre's guides here:…aft-forge-201211/#install

    Please note that CamelOre sets up a clean (vanilla) Minecraft environment. To expand IC2 you will most certainly need to decompile IC2 along the usual Minecraft/Modloader/MCForge classes.

    Good luck. :thumbsup:

  • hate to break it to you, but you picked the wrong time to begin modding.....

    if you look on the last page of the pending addons section, there is a tut on how to decompile, but it is not updated

    the other alternative is fixing the 140+ errors by hand