Tutorial: Installation of Industrial Craft (For Client and Server!)

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    Seeing as a lot of people are having issues installing and setting up their IndustrialCraft server, I thought I would give a set of highly detailed instructions:

    Installing IndustrialCraft for Survival Single Player:

    • Browse to your .minecraft folder.
    • If you have a vanilla (unmodified) minecraft.jar file, skip to step 3.

      • Create a back up copy of your bin folder (This will save mods you have installed).

      • Start minecraft via 1.3 Launcher (The new one) and click 'Options'.

      • Click 'Force Update', and log into the game.

      • Congratulations, you now have a Vanilla .jar file. Exit minecraft.

    • Open your bin folder and right click and open with your minecraft.jar with your preference of Archiving Software (Winzip, 7zip, Archive Manager, etc).

      • Delete the META-INF Folder.

      • Copy the contents of ModLoader's zip file into the minecraft.jar archive

      • Copy the contents of ModloaderMP (Client side) into your minecraft.jar archive

      • Copy the contents of minecraft (Leave it's sub folders alone, as in copy them as a whole), Industrially Improved Pickaxe, and Experimental Nanosuit File from IndustrialCraft into the minecraft.jar archive and close it.

      • Copy the IndustrialCraftConfig.txt file into your bin folder.

        • Open IndustrialCraftConfig.txt
        • Remove the # from infront of: enableNano=true, addMineableOres=true

      • After modifying and saving IndustrialCraftConfig.txt, create a second copy and
        paste it into your .minecraft folder (Depending on the OS and Launch Method,
        IC will read the config from one place or the other).

    [*]You now have successfully set up your Minecraft for IndustrialCraft!

    Setting Up IndustrialCraft On A Server:
    (This requires that you atleast know how to set up a vanilla server, so I will not go into unneeded details).

    • Start by downloading the minecraft_server.jar file from here .

    • Open the minecraft_server.jar file and copy in the ModLoaderMP server file .

    • In your IndustrialCraft zip, there should be a folder named "server" Open it and copy it's contents into the minecraft_server.jar archive

    • Close your Archive folder, and copy the config file from the IC zip, into the parent (main) folder, where your minecraft_server.jar is located (Togglable effects for the server are located near the bottom)

    • If you've done everything correctly, you should have successfully installed minecraft on your server.

    (Note: This post will be "prettyfied" (even more) once I get around to it.)