Breeder Help - Running out of uranium!

  • this reactor setup is lame and why so - starting heat is 0,which is 20000 ticks to charge,being a positive breeder this number will decrease as heat reaches 3k heat,6k and 9-but,by the end of a cycle it will have 9.8k heat,meaning that your charge will run at full potential quite a low time ,basically I'm not even sure,if you'll be able to make 1uranium into 4cells,they may not even charge fully..and my setup is best,because the only thing you need after investment - put new cells in time,without even heating,as well as 1U will produce 4 cells(5k ticks to charge)
    It's up to you

    Say what? :huh:

    I have been running that design, in MC 1.0, IC2 1.43, and trust me, it might need to heat up yes, but once heated, it maintains heat as long as you are feeding it fresh material once its done cooking. And 1 uranium cell can breed 8 depleted back to life. So I am not quite sure where you get your numbers. Once heated, and you swap the configuration from heating to breeding, it maintains heat, and runs at 5000 ticks per 4 depleted cells. So you get your two cycles from one uranium cell. Please do just a little bit of research before dissing a perfectly good and valid design?

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  • Too late :<

    I am reading this while my reactor room is burning to the ground. I expect an explosion in just a bit.

    There it goes, my 2nd breeder reactor :<

    I have to ask: Why didn't you run in with a redstone torch to turn it off?

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