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    Hey, I just downloaded this, and tried to run it along the other mods I have, the same mix as Direwolf20 have.

    But, I ran into the following error, and I can see I am not the only one that has it. I haven't been able to deduce the fix for it from this thread though, even after reading a fair few pages back. Either I am blind, or there are no solution yet?

    For ferru, shove a block of iron ore underneath the dirt block you plant it on.

    For Cocoa, I have it planted in a regular forest biome, next to a desert biome, right next to water. However, seems like sometimes the sticks bug out, and I have to replace them, or retill the soil to get it to work. Also, do not plant while it is dark. Flowers and cocoa does not seem to like that. At least not in my game.

    Recycle it? lol.
    There's no way to regenerate hydration cells and no way to reuse them after they're empty.

    Well, I hadn't actually tried recycling them. Guess I will continue tossing them in the lava pit then. Thank you very much

    Ok, I feel slightly stupid.

    Whenever I use a hydration cell up, for some reason I am stuck with an empty hydration cell, that I can not fill up again with anything. So what, just macerate the leftovers? Or is there a trick that has eluded me thus far?

    I'm not so sure about that. I had a field of crops that got completely overrun with weeds, and there wasn't a bare crop stick in the group. Unless the crossbreeding sticks count...which if that's the case, then that's somewhat annoying because it basically means you're going to have to have separate fields for growing existing species and crossbreeding new ones.

    I guess it's kind of realistic in a way, but still annoying.

    Crossbreeding sticks count. Any type of bare stick counts, when it comes to weed invasions.

    I can only speak for myself, but I am patiently awaiting an update to 1.1

    The chests are an integral part of my mods and I don't think my playstyle would work without the option for making bigger chests. So pretty please, with sugar on top, take all the time you need but just update it :)

    Thank you very very much.

    this reactor setup is lame and why so - starting heat is 0,which is 20000 ticks to charge,being a positive breeder this number will decrease as heat reaches 3k heat,6k and 9-but,by the end of a cycle it will have 9.8k heat,meaning that your charge will run at full potential quite a low time ,basically I'm not even sure,if you'll be able to make 1uranium into 4cells,they may not even charge fully..and my setup is best,because the only thing you need after investment - put new cells in time,without even heating,as well as 1U will produce 4 cells(5k ticks to charge)
    It's up to you

    Say what? :huh:

    I have been running that design, in MC 1.0, IC2 1.43, and trust me, it might need to heat up yes, but once heated, it maintains heat as long as you are feeding it fresh material once its done cooking. And 1 uranium cell can breed 8 depleted back to life. So I am not quite sure where you get your numbers. Once heated, and you swap the configuration from heating to breeding, it maintains heat, and runs at 5000 ticks per 4 depleted cells. So you get your two cycles from one uranium cell. Please do just a little bit of research before dissing a perfectly good and valid design?

    Yes, that looks like a much better design. Though the numbers haven't been updated for the bump in reactor output. Multiple all eU figures by 2 (so intead of 5 eU/t it's 10 eU/t)

    It does not seem to impact anything on the breeding ability. I have been running it the last couple of days, in 1.0 game, and the breeding cycle at 9000 + degrees, is still 5000 ticks. One uranium cell can breed 8 depleted into life again, so I am a happy camper. 2 uranium, 16 coaldusts and 1,5 tin that way becomes 8 new uranium cells. That seems like a fair enough exchange rate to me. 4 for 1. And a couple of millions of EU as well.
    I do recommend the updated thermometer though. Unless you are really good at guessing when it is just beyond the 9K mark, then that mod becomes invaluable.

    I use Nargons designs for a breeder. Its foolproof (Yep, I cconsider myself a fool when it comes to nuclear reactors), but then again, I think I have 4 full stacks of uranium I still need to burn through, so breeding more is not exactly a priority.


    :Uranium Ingot: :Uranium Ingot: :Uranium Ingot: :Uranium Ingot:

    Then again.. I use the thermometer addon to keep the temperature of the breeder around the 9K mark... I am not that much of a fool! :P

    After my game crashed, and ate my 1.0MC game, where I had finally amassed enough diamonds and UU matter to make myself two pieces of the Quantum armor, a diamond tipped mining drill and a lap pack, I think I am about ready to go with the BioDiamonds.

    Diamonds are crazy hard to find in the game now. I have had two miners running, all around my house, in a 200 by 200 area, systematically gone over, and found maybe 20 diamonds in total after the mining were done. So BioDiamonds sounds mighty interesting now. With a bit of forestry thrown in, I might actually be able to do some of the fun stuff in the game, instead of just alt-tabbing out of the game, while I wait for the miners to come up, yet again, with no diamonds.

    I look forward to the 1.43 compatible version, and will be downloading it the moment I see it posted. :thumbup:

    How would I go about figuring out the damage values for the various items i would like mined? I have forestry, redstone, buildcraft and Ic2 installed, and although it seems to hit some of the ore some of the time, it also ignores a bunch of it. :?:

    Nevermind. I just edited in the itemvalues with no damage values, and that should do it I think.