[1.1] IC2/REDPOWER/BUILDCRAFT/FORESTRY/EE2 Server! Bukkit! 24/7! 15 Slots! {Whitelist]

  • The game works with out buildcraft but when i put it in it crashes:

  • He stud. Please add me to your white list.
    I host my own server, but my son has taken over that machine and uses it to play MassEffect 3 during the day. So... it would be nice to join your server for when I am at school "studying".
    Thanks in advance,

  • I would love to know why I am banned from this server. I have never heard of this server nor have I ever played on it. The reason I found this is because I have been contacted recently by someone telling me I was banned from their private server and that I "hacked" their account (which I did not), so I did a google of "dackkorto ban" and found this website as a result. So again: Why am I banned from this server?

  • David, use the force. jk, Do you have the server config?

  • Hey Brave, Instead of paying for the server, you could always use Evolv3 at evolvehq.com, its pretty easy.