Suggestion: Machine Energy Demand Tweak

  • Name: Machine Energy Demand Tweak
    Description: Back in IC1, your macerator, furnace, and so on, would refuse to run UNLESS it already stored enough energy for a full cycle (1 item process). This meant that it would not waste energy, (if say you were to remove the item while it has not enough power) but this is a minor detail.
    This would have a second effect in IC2. Have you ever tried to run a macerator, with sound on, without quite enough power. (If you have, I want you to tell me if you still have the ability to hear.) The constant loop of, Power up, try to run, turn off, etc, which on it's own is O.K., but with sound, tends to deafen anyone nearby. Now, if we required it to stock enough power to run first, then I imagine this problem would go away. One thing to note is that unless your machine has enough power storage available, it would be unable to run. (overclockers here)

    (also, fixing the sound volume issue would help)

  • I still have my ears just fine from all the sounds, lol...

    Although the power loss feature is something that troubles me as well per cycle. Not because I overclock the crap out of my machines, but due to the fact that I'm a minimalist in terms of production and energy. Usually I stay on Tier 1 of machines and stuff until I've collected enough materials to go all out on a large scale energy setup. Time consuming, I know, but I'd rather start small and use as little as I need to, and then jump into a higher tiers of overproduction...

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