Suggestion: Machine Overclocker behavior tweak.

  • Name: Machine Overclocker behavior tweak.
    Description: Imagine if, overclockers made a machine act similar to an induction furnace once installed. (or rotary macerater, centrifugal extractor, singularity compressor)

    Each overclocker would cause the machine to require energy maintenance (1 eu/tick/5 overclockers, rounded up if required) and had to charge (say 30 seconds per overclocker, 6 seconds to discharge)
    Also, the energy cost increase from overchargers would be reduced slightly. (20% say instead of 30%)

    This would make it so you can set up an advanced workshop only if you have enough power to have already been able to support induction furnaces.

    (all numbers are open to change, I just used some arbitrary values, so dont reject on grounds of imbalance, just on concept. Probably make the values to match the stats of the induction furnace at whatever current level gives the same speed)