Support Request: Held mod items appear as wrong item

  • When I hold a new item in game, It appears as the wrong item, E.g. nanosaber as gold bar. This was not formally the case in earlier versions, and seeing youtubers with the latest version without this problem, I am certain I made an insallation mistake. However, After spending two hours searching (and after actually finding something related earlier while setting up, which I cannot locate again) I am unable to locate any explaination or solution to this problem, although I think it may be related to mineforge. What did I do wrong installing?
    I additionally have no texture pack enabled.

  • Another mod most likely overwrote Forge code, try a fresh jar+mods folder and check if it still works after every additional mod.

    Yep, Most certainly interference from anouther mod. Going to add them oen at a time till I figure out which.
    Yep, Fixed, thanks.

    I didnt realize mods that were added on after, via the mods folder, could overwrite forge code. But then, Considering the difficulities i had, where a ton of mods got added twice before, I probably should have expected it (added once to the jar, and again via the mods folder, lol)

  • Tech details: Mine Little Pony might have edited the entity renderer class which is also responsible for drawing a player's held item

    It also states in the FAQ that it is not currently compaidble with forge, which I didnt read before.

  • When I checked the thread, the author of the Mine Little Pony does have plans to work on Forge compatibility.