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    I think it is because mobs need a player around to spawn.
    There might be chunkloaders with fakeplayer but i'm not sure.

    Pretty much, I believe mobs will only spawn in player/fakeplayer-loaded chunks, there used to be a distance-from-player limiter that defines a "safe" area around the player that mobs could not directly spawn in.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that there are a few chunkloader mods that use fakeplayer, but last I heard, there was a bug with it that either rendered it useless or caused a crash. The Forge devs have probably fixed it since, but do be careful.

    The addition of enderdragon turned MC into a RPG with an objective, although you can still keep the sandbox style after you defeat it.

    Not in the strictest sense SpwnX. You don't HAVE to go and defeat the Enderdragon, it's just something ~99% of Minecrafters do. I, personally, have decided to try to avoid the End just to make obtaining Ender Pearls harder for me.

    Trust me, I am fully aware of that. :P

    Well... That's if you use the vanilla Minecraft enchanting system. I don't know if you're already aware of this, but there is a mod called "Enchanting Plus" that adds an upgraded version of the vanilla table (the author grew tired of overriding the vanilla one) that will allow you to actually flat out choose what enchantment you want for a tool that is eligible for it (fe. Efficiency on a pickaxe). I've been using it for a while now and I adore it as I grew tired of the vanilla system.


    Oh, Greg? When you start updating GT again, after you get a new computer to dev on, would it be at all possible to add support for the EnderIO Alloy Furnace recipes and the Project: Red Redwire Ingot recipe (8x Redstone + 1x Iron Ingot = 1x Red Laced Ingot (?) + Furnace = 1 Redwire Ingot)?

    EnderIO -
    Project: Red - (They don't have any recipes up yet)

    Released Version 1.1.3. 1.6.2 Version is now compatible upwards to the 1.6.4 version too, no need for a fix.

    Changed the Unidye Recipes so it is not possible to get Dyes you don't have yet, changed recipes to use the OreDict, removed exploits, removed options to toggle the exploits back on again.
    I am afraid the youtube mod spotlight is already out of date (damn my random motivational and productive boost), will provide my own soon (or Geo Terra might forgive me and do another one, sorry)

    *sigh* I'll forgive you Linus only because I'm a really good-natured guy and making that video was good exercise for me. I'll make a new one either later today (no guarantees as it's Canadian Thanksgiving today) or tomorrow. Also, this'll be a good opportunity to figure out how to use Linux to record videos for when I start my LP when Mystcraft updates for 1.6.4 (I switched from Winblows as it was getting to me and Linux (Xubuntu) is a much better mod dev environment than Windows)
    And yes, UniDye WILL be installed for my LP, I frigging love this mod.

    I am genuinely confused. That's all I can say. In my developer environment (for 1.6.2 as well as my new one for 1.6.4, they include IC², CCC and NEI), using my 1.6.2 release, I cannot recreate the error, everything starts up normally, etc. But once I put them into an actual minecraft installation, this weird error shows up, calling me out on using a method that does not exist, something to do with ItemHoe.. Which has nothing to do with the constructor of ItemWoolPart nor setting its unlocalizedName. Just...what? I really have no idea how this could even be remotely related. If someone is less confused than me, here's the source code:

    Regarding the exploits: Like I said, these were not really in my mind since you don't really use them too often, at least in the modpacks I play, I will take the exploits out then. Another thing I would be really interested in are your opinions on balancing my mod. On my GregTech Survival World, I gathered some sheep early and used the wool in the generator instead of coal (those went into Coke Ovens) or Wood/Charcoal, which I thought was pretty handy..maybe a little too handy? But that's just GregTech, in normal IC² I doubt wool farming would be a viable early game energy generation.

    What's the version of Forge in your workspace? I can't find anything wrong with the code myself by reading through it, so I'm thinking something MIGHT be derped inside Forge itself.

    With the exploits: I'm sorry to say, but it's kind of goes without saying, you would have to eventually take into account, when making a mod, the users eventually WILL find an exploit using the tools (Read: mods) at their disposal, for balance's sake; I actually find it kind of fun sniping loopholes in my own code.

    slowpoke said in the stream that forgecraft3 is for public releaced mods so extrabee shoud be in 1.6.4 S: but the websight is down

    Yeah, the EB/ET site is down, fortunately for you I remembered a link posted in the MCF thread for Extra Bees, here:…e__st__2480#entry24751136

    It is a dev version though, so it SHOULD work, but bee (see what I did there?) careful. (To be honest I can't remember if it works in 1.6.4, but it's worth a shot)

    The previous night (Oct 9) as I was setting up to do a spotlight on this mod, I dropped IC2 and this mod into the mods folder, launched Minecraft with the instance I had created for it and it crashed before I got to the menu screen.

    EDIT: Odd thing is, it only crashes with Unidye being the only other mod in the mods folder outside of CodeChickenCore, NEI, and IC2. Otherwise, it works fine. While you take care of things on your end, I'll quickly update my Forge install, see if something broke there.

    Update: Okay, I quickly installed build 1.6.4- and it's a no-go, still crashes with the same error report.

    1.If you fully read the OP it gives an example that 8 green wool gives 1 green mesh, which gives 1 cactus green when extracted.
    2.Yes, that would be an almost identical exploit to the blue wool-lapis one, so that brings me to this suggestion.

    Suggestion: Add a white dye, like the blue dye, as to prevent bone meal exploiting.

    Not to argue, but I did read it, but my interpretation of the pictures threw me off. It's all good now though.