Adventures of a Mad Scientist


    For all my best efforts, my latest evil scheme has failed. While the uranium heist was a complete success, I discovered too late that. . . well. . . I've attached a picture.

    Apparently, Direwolf Industries's mining division refines raw uranium into nuclear fuel on-site. I have toiled endlessly to refine the fuel into a material usable in nuclear weaponry, but with no success. Well, on the bright side the nuclear fuel sold for quite the pretty penny on the black market, more than enough to fund my next evil scheme! Let me explain:

    It came to my attention recently that Apertura Agricultures finally finished testing of its agriculture system. It features support for a large number of crops and more importantly, the capability for cross-breeding plants. I shall begin a basic cross-breeding station, genetically engineer some sort of super-plant, and Take over the World!!! MUHAHAHAHA!

    But I digress. I recently stopped by the headquarters of Apertura Agricultures

    And had a little 'chat' with its CEO, Cave Jackson, and asked him to 'invest' in my agricultural operation. While he was . . . reluctant at
    first, I was quickly able to make him come around to my way of thinking. My 'seed' money consists of a large number of cropsticks, fertilizer, and hydration cells, and a user's manual to match.

    In related news, the first field test of my AL-34K4 Mining Laser's 'explosive' mode was a complete success.

    But again, I digress. I have with me a small amount of cropsticks and a small field, hidden from prying eyes in a large forest. Let's see, what does the manual have to say. . .

    "Thank you for your purchase of Apertura Agricultures Cropsticks!
    This handy user's manual will help you get started with your agricultural career.

    Note: This manual was intended for use by users only. If you are not a user, and are in fact a Crop Enrichment Center tester, please return this manual to your nearest Crop Enrichment Center associate immediately. Remember, we Don't Want a repeat of what happened to Mr. Kenny.

    To begin using your cropsticks, simply place them in a tilled field. Please be aware that sensors embedded inside the cropstick will prevent it from being
    planted anywhere else. After placing the cropstick in a field, you may begin placing seeds in the cropstick covered dirt. While the Apertura Agricultures Cropstick was designed for use with Apertura Agricultures Seed Bags, they will also accept the wheat, pumpkin, and melon seeds, as well as reeds and flowers. No other plants can be planted inside a cropstick."

    Well, that seems simple enough. My minions have already created a ready field:

    So all that must be done is to plant all the crops.

    I shall update this log as soon as the crops are grown.