Server: Welcome to Ziragalen

  • I have just started a new server and am looking for some people to help make it an awesome fun place, i used to host a vanilla server but unfortunately that server no longer exists, a story for another time perhaps.

    The IP is

    The server is currently white listed

    Industrial craft 2 1.64
    Build craft 2.2.12
    Additional pipes (teleport pipes)
    Red power Pre 4D
    Forestry 1.2.6
    Industrial craft / build craft crossover V1.18

    Anyone is welcome as long as you obey the few simple common sense rules

    No griefing , stealing, burning, intruding

    final here are a few screen shots taken a few minutes ago hope to see some people around if anyone form the previous server i hosted is reading you are more than welcome to come back

    If you are wondering what the name is about its a reference to a place in a 3D series im currently producing