Electro Magnetic Energy Teleporting

  • I have 2 Blocks,which should be added to IC:

    1.The Induction Energy Sender
    There should be 3 Tiers:
    lv,mv and hv
    lv send power in radius of 5 blocks (take up to 32 eu and send 32 eu)
    mv radius is 10 and 128 eu...
    hv radius is 15 and 512 eu..
    There will be a invisible Energy Field,In which u can place any kind of metal blocks(tin,cooper,bronze,iron,gold)To block the Energy in this Direction,or Place a receiver block.
    2. There should be just 1 receiver block,which take up the energy from senders and give it out on cables.it dont have a own energy storage.
    Now to the Energy lose:
    It should lose only 0.1 eu every air/unsolid block but 2 eu lose every solide block.

    Hope you like my Idea and Any IC developer or anexpired addon developer could add it.

  • Aside from simplification of placement, I can't really see many advantages to this. It'd get rid of some of the unsightly cables, but that's part of the challenge of good base design.