{SUPPORT REQUEST} Not working for me, have error.

  • <EDIT>: I figured I would add some more details as to my setup:

    I am currently using MCPatcher to install the mods, however, I have tried to do it manually (with the zip files and such) and it still didn't work. I have also tried to use Minecrafter to install this mod.


    This is my ModLoader error report:

    Far as I can understand, modloader is loding up the mod_IC2.class file before the MinecraftForge files.

    Lemme know what the problem is if you know please!!!


  • Are you using any 1.0.0 addons?

    Well, at first i was, but then I tried installing it alone, and it still didn't work... Anyways, I guess i'll just wait for it to get updated 1.2, and then try it again... Thx for the help though, if it still doesn't work, i'll post on this topic again.