Rubber Tree issue

  • Ive just install 1.7b Did the whole API Modloader bit and now the trunks have vanished on rubber trees. I thought at first it was soartex (texture pack I use) but dropped that and went default and still no trunks. They are there just invisible...I got rubber off on. I also updated optifine. Any clues hints or bashes to my headbone?

    PS Love IC²

    **Seems to be a optifine issue. I just updated the Forge and it worked until I installed Optifine** ;(
    UPDATE: It seems Optifine is breaking all the addon textures. This is new as I have run IC² before and not had this problem....I will continue to investigate. :huh:

    Ok mods lock this thread...just found on the minecraft site that this is a known issue with optifine. It seem the last few vers have be breaking forgeAPI