[Suggestion]: Overclockers and More for Generators

  • I do like the concept behind this, generators are a basic construction project and thus probably rather crude compared to more advanced machines. By adding new components you could replace the hastily cobbled together parts with something much more efficient, like higher quality wires and circuits and other components. Things such as coolant plates similar to those for an nuke generator to stop loss of energy through excess heat, higher quality wires to allow more of the current to get through, extra circuits to better control the energy flow... and logically each generator should have certain upgrades that work with it and some that wont, an solar cell would probably benefit from better wires or some kind of carbon plate style upgrade, but wouldn't benefit much form an cooling cell.
    I don't know how these would effect the generator itself, but then again I'm not privy to the scripting behind this mod and how it can be changed, so until the clever people who are comment on what can and cant be done I guess its just wishful thinking on my part! :D