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    with moving items you can make endless cycle using RP or BC pipes

    We can do the infinite buckets watermill thing now with that system too tho, this would probably just be an really low voltage version tho I suppose...

    Sounds amusing, rig one with an wall or fence post or something behind it as an treadmill, plus an conveyor belt mode could be amusing for other projects!

    I do like the concept behind this, generators are a basic construction project and thus probably rather crude compared to more advanced machines. By adding new components you could replace the hastily cobbled together parts with something much more efficient, like higher quality wires and circuits and other components. Things such as coolant plates similar to those for an nuke generator to stop loss of energy through excess heat, higher quality wires to allow more of the current to get through, extra circuits to better control the energy flow... and logically each generator should have certain upgrades that work with it and some that wont, an solar cell would probably benefit from better wires or some kind of carbon plate style upgrade, but wouldn't benefit much form an cooling cell.
    I don't know how these would effect the generator itself, but then again I'm not privy to the scripting behind this mod and how it can be changed, so until the clever people who are comment on what can and cant be done I guess its just wishful thinking on my part! :D

    There was another mod someone suggested, it would have added algae like some kind of underwater sugar cane plant but could grow taller if planted in deep water. They suggested things like alternatives for food, dyes, and fuel as well.

    Once again I think its an great idea aqua-culture is something that appeals to me what with my desire to make big underwater homes and using lots of renewable resources. I wonder if it could use some kind of variant on the agriculture system they're developing where it would have to be flooded with water to grow and became some kind of slimy block you would have to harvest with buckets or something. Refine it into things like fuel, medicines, dye, food; there's lots of potential! Lets hope the clever people in charge can make this one work :thumbup:

    I was originally thinking an scuba tank or something but then I'd loose the battery backpack for my power drill... then I considered an ye-oldie diving helm of the kind that now make people think of big daddies from bioshock, but an rebreather mask sounded more suitable for an higher tech mod like the stuff in this one. I wonder if the shoes will be like reinforced rubber boots for keeping out toxic slime n stuff and saving me from my constant fall damage, or if they'll be flippers so I can swim faster MinecraftSquid MinecraftSquid MinecraftSquid 8|

    Will this armour break when its durability is gone or will it be rechargeable? :huh:

    Hmm, depleted uranium arrow heads... that could be fun! :Uranium Ingot: :D

    I like the idea of an carbon bow, maybe with longer range and increased damage but otherwise fairly standard bow. Personally I'd just make it use iron head arrows or better yet make it capable of multiple ammo types and make it friendly with that weapon mod... the exploding arrows were fun in that!

    Piercing shots sounds neat, but it would simply follow an standard arrow ark until it hit the ground. X percent chance of stopping on collision with an enemy and lower the percentage chance each time so hitting like 3-4 enemies would be about as much as you could pull off with any reliability. Of coarse doing so would probably require the bow to be fully pulled back.

    cant wait to see what the new changes to them are, luminators have so much potential.

    Hmm, I wonder if some kind of device could be made that detects light levels in an aria and switches lighting on at night automatically...

    Also, any chance of an Luminator desk-lamp? Something that looks like an camping lantern or an lightbulb or generic desk-lamp or whatever I could put on my kitchen table? :D

    Ok, so I was playing with the timers from red-wire and made an clock to sit on my floor and had ideas about making an big wall clock that could chime every quarter of the day with an different tune so I could tell what time it was while making an mess in my workshop... when I realized I had neither the space nor inclination to make 4 separate sets of music blocks. Then I had an thought inspired by an earlier peek at the forums.

    What if we had an somewhat more complex version of the music playing cubes in minecraft that used scripts similar to those used in other machinery like the scripted robots and other such ideas where an player could feed printed paper sheets into a simple inventory interface to make it play different notes or tones depending on the colour of paper used or something to that effect. like one of those ancient player pianos that used paper sheets with holes punched out of them. It may require advanced components, like an record player and several note cubes, or possibly some kind of power source to run? Either way it would make playing simple tunes in minecraft something that would no longer require several acres of land and would make it simple enough for anyone (even me! :D ) to make some music.

    Just an suggestion, what does everyone else think? :huh:

    I like the red-wire lights for aesthetic value, but they do feel kinda like cheating by producing infinite free light. I like the idea of hard wiring luminators into my home with some kind of light switch system, and having an house lit by nice shiny electric lights and it all being powered by green energy... (lots of solar and water on my newest home :thumbup: ), if we had something like the fiber-optics someone else suggested - an block that could hide light sources like luminators for aesthetic reasons but with an variety of colours or even textures it would make them perfect for lighting any home!

    I like the idea of silicon being used in circuits, and that mascerator+extractor idea sounds good. Perhaps the ner ingredients could be used for other things as well, using refined silicon in the glass wires as well as diamonds or something, and possibly for making luminators? There was also a neat idea for fiber optic cubes to help move light sources placed in odd positions or to make them look nicer that sounded promising, or another for programmable robots where silicon chips could maybe be used for the different command chips. I wonder if we could make lenses for things using it... maybe make some fun things like lasers for things (at least things the laser mod doesn't already cover). I can foresee plenty of places this could be used for fun and chaos :thumbup:

    Algae could produce all kinds of neat things like you said earlier, was looking up something else on Wiki and it mentions Algaculture is used to make food, natural food colourants and dyes, fertilizer, bioplastics, pharmaceuticals, and Bio-fuel... sounds like it could be really useful stuff!

    The environment suit they're planning will make working underwater so much easier too, hope we can get more water based stuff, would love to make an big underwater home. Pity submerged water generators aren't very strong, I could use them instead of solar ones if it was deep underwater :huh:

    Ooo, the enviroment suit sounds excellent!
    I wanted something much cheaper than the quantum suit, as awesome as it is I can never get enough scrap to make the irridum :(
    I think the canned air or something would be an neat way of making it work, although using electricity is a more renewable resource unless the cans are recycled... also swimming through lava sounds awesome :thumbup:

    Soon I shall be able to make huge underwater cities without drowning myself every few minutes! I hope we get more Aquaculture stuff, someones suggested an neat idea for algae farming that sounds fun too!

    Why do I have this sudfden urge to feed some to an sheep just to watch it zooming around at high speeds Bahhing... 8|
    I like the sugar-cubes concept, I wonder if theres other things we could make them do? I always have too much watermelon, and apples would be neat too, we could have an whole range of energy drinks with different effects... just don't feed any to chickens, I think they'd spontaneously combust if you gave them an energy drink MinecraftChicken

    I was thinking an cheap early-game item for generating energy while doing cave exploring, finding places to build you big stuff etc, although an upgraded version for later in the game is always an option too. Someones already made the solar hat I was contemplating and theoretically that would only be useful in daylight or during daylight hours at least. These would be functional at any time of day, just something for those of us who do an lot of running around.

    Energy drink works too, maybe it can be an carbonation station rather than an still then :D
    I like the idea of using sugar in them since I allways have lots of reeds, and that works fine with energy drinks. I wonder if drinking too many at once could be made to have side efects, I know the stingrays or jellyfish in one of the mods in the big pack with this make me stagger around when stung... 8|

    Building an underwater home got you feeling blue? Well that's probably just asphyxiation! Why not craft yourself an helmet with the wonderful life-giving properties of oxygen to make those underwater jaunts more fun filled and less likely to end up with you floating belly up! Just charge these little beauties up and away you go, no more worrying about hard to find enchantments and remembering to keep an eye on those little bubble icons of doom.

    "Power" could be from electricity, Canned air, or compressed empty cells or some other source. An much cheaper alternative to the quite epic QuantumSuit helmet. Would probably consist of basic circuits, an battery or cell or such, some refined iron, and either glass block or an iron helmet. ?(

    After an hard days mining you can really work up an thirst, So why not quench it with some Booze! Just pop your favorite ingredients along with some water and sugar into the handy IndustrialCraft-Still and soon you too can be staggering around causing mischief and falling down your own mineshafts!
    May have some side effects such as poison-like effect while drunk, and some beneficial ones (such as those caused by Minecrafts potions). Using different ingredients like Apples, Watermelon etc would change the effects each drink would have. These could be things like increased run speeds, faster health regen, or anything else that takes the fancy of modders. All hail the mighty and potentially wrathful modders!

    *Goes off to hide in an corner to avoid any potential wrath* 8|

    Since other people have already had my idea about solar hats here's the other power production idea for people on the run... literally! kinetic Boots (or pants): by combining some basic things like an generator, circuits, and other gizmos the player could make some clothing that generates power as they walk around, making those long walks through winding mineshafts help recharge their batpacks for some more digging!
    Based around an pair of iron pants or rubber boots the kinetic power would be rather low voltage, but would help with charging batpacks and possibly even electric jetpacks, and helps keep off any unwanted pounds that extra porkchop might be putting on! :D

    :Electronic Circuit: :Generator: :Electronic Circuit:

    :Cable: :Rubber Boots: :Cable:

    An approximation of the recipe I had in mind for the basic set, tho advanced generating clothing could be an option? Presuming all this is able to be scripted... :huh:

    I love this idea! An underwater garden would be great, and one that produces handy stuff like dyes and food and such is even better! I wonder if something like "Coral" could be used as the bonemeal equivalent since its an underwater thing and all? Now if we could convince them to add fish-farms of some kind... or maybe some kind of filtration thing that filters out tiny amounts of metal powder and stuff over time the deeper its placed? Gah, so many fun ideas could be had in an world with more water! Now to convince them to give us powered diving helmets/re-breathers so I stop drowning myself... :D