Suggestion: Coffee

  • Was actually talking to him, given these are his sprites ^^'

    Btw, Coffee is implemented. And hell, got headache now.. this Nausea Effect of Notch is hardcore.

    maybe it's a caffine headache :D coffee might help :p and thank you for the implimentation of coffee. i'll be using it constantly if able :D

    "the more people i kill, the better the chances are that i got the right one" ~Goblin Assassin: MtG

  • Btw, unless you object, i would like to use some of these sprites ^^

    Oh my god :D Those words made my day :D I appreciate that. Thanks for these words alot again :D It was like gift for me because my birthday is soon :D

    Edit: Oh and any way. if some one needs anything, just ask. i will be glad to help :)