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    or you could make a recipie that uses Scrap and Compost/Fertalizer to produce few. maybe 5 scrap and 4 compost. or replace Compst with Rotten Flesh. maybe make it between the efficiency of a normal Generator and a Geothermal?. then it'd give me something to use all this zombie flesh and spare Wheat on.

    How about a special Tank that works like a bed, it requires something like 5eu/t and when a player clicks it, Day or Night, then they will be pulled inside the tank. this cannot be interrupted be enemies being in the area, will not cause enemies can spawn, enemies cannot attack the player inside, and the play made reside inside for as long as they wish. this could make for a safe-house as well as an industrial bed that the player does not have to sit and wait for it to become night time on the exact second. also the player could AFK inside this tank and not distrupt players on the server trying to make it day, or if you are the only person online, SSP or SSM, then you can keep it day while your AFK at the cost of energy. this would be incredibly useful for players that mainly use Solar panels, use multiple accounts, play on multi-player servers that don't use cheats, and work very well with other mods as well such as Forestry's Bees that only operate during the day.

    the recipe could be

    Iron, Iron, Iron
    Glass, Tesla Coil, Glass
    Iron, Bed, Iron

    RP2 is adding liquid pipes, apparently. Might add pumps considering that.

    that would be nice, then RedPower might become better then BC atleast until BC actually gets up to BC3 for SMP then blueprints will be epic. atleast until Alblaka bats their hopes down with his Space Compression buildings, which i'd use far more then BC. not to mention they've been "working on it" for like 4 months, i'm sure alblaka would have his idea implimented and in SMP way before they get their's working properly.

    So you mean Adv.Pump should use Mining Pipes from inventory to reach liquid block below. If it is not source block, track it up to source and pump it.
    Is it what you want?

    no, we want it to behave exactly as the BC Pump works to extract liquids, and we could use that pump with compressors to make cells or place Geo generators next to it for power.

    Recipe is not so significant as work logic.
    Pump use nearby Miner to provide pipes to get liquids. Else it can reach only one block down.
    BC Pump emit own magical pipes to reach liquid. Do you want IC2 Adv.Pump to do the same?

    basically, and it's not magical pipes to extract liquid, it's like taking a water hose and pumpuing or syphoning the water out, it's not like you need 1 water hose for every square meter of coverage.

    This is may outdated but a Stargatemod.

    there is also a Multi-Verse mod where you can set up lots of different Worlds and custom make portals between them, not sure if it is kept up to date but i used to use it on my SMP server to allow The Nether to be accessed before The Nether was added to SMP, i also made a cirlce portal to take you to a Sphere World, and a waterfall portal to take you to a huge mountain and ocean world. i wanted to add a Cavern Modded World to it to but didn;t get the chance.

    I was talking in #risucraft and they said that the framework had be lain but the actual code wasn't there. I still get an out-of-bounds exception when I try to assign a blockID higher than 255.

    interesting, i've been under the impression it was added in 1.0.0 but hadn;t been fully implimented yet.

    I just deleted Buildcraft because honestly I think the Redpower tubes transport items better and more efficiently (read: doesn't require diamonds to sort items, extracting items out of a container doesn't require an intrusive meter-wide power source), and I don't really see the point of installing it and taking up so many blockIDs (yes I know there's packages, but there's multiple items in one package) and only using the pumps.

    i've heard redpower tubes are better but i've have my doubts, i do like the extractions though, also not sure if you knew but there are now over 4,000 Block IDs. i was thinking about installing Redpower for the system to decrease lag and server stain on my server

    Yeah, but what do you make at this point? No point of including a new super high-grade material if there is nothing to make from it. And, I still think there are better options for a high-level iron replacement. I personally think that carbon fiber should have a new role as graphene, which could be made into graphene sheets which are extremely strong.

    i'm not even sure as to what part of my post you were asking about the point of.. however, no one ever said there wouldn;t be a point of this new material, in fact all we have been posting if ideas using this new material. and honostly from most industrial standpoints Tempered aluminum is used in place of most iron, it's either tempered aluminium or 316SS, i suppose Carbon Fibers could be run through an extract but i think the current idea behind the carbon is that we are making Carbon Nano Tubing, which is the strongest carbon material known to man, which is used in the Nano-Armor, hence when it's made from nothing but electricty (redstone dust), diamonds, and sheets of pure Carbon Nano Tubing. chemical engineered carbon nano tubes are far stronger then natural graphene.

    i haven;t see a suggestion for this yet to my rememberance. however i do like and approve your idea. i would like to see a IC2 Pump actually syphon from a larger source, this could also be used to mass produce Lava Cells to power geothermal generators, since some people like to use GEOs to power their house in the Overworld, they could use these pumps to fill Cells from the nether. i would like to see this implimented even if there is a minor change in recipie and design of the original Pump.

    maybe have the recipie 1 miner, 1 pump, 1 OV Scanner, 4 pipes and 2 Electric cuircuts.

    :Electronic Circuit::EC Meter::Electronic Circuit:
    :Empty Cell::Tesla Coil::Empty Cell:
    :Empty Cell::Bronze Pickaxe::Empty Cell:

    :EC Meter: =OV Scanner
    :Tesla Coil: =pump
    :Bronze Pickaxe: =miner
    :Empty Cell: =mining pipe