(reopened) confused about energy

  • ok i want to make nucular reactors and water generators more effect to encourage thier use over solar
    at default values water and wind just dont get used i want to change that a bit too

    # Base energy generation values - increase those for higher energy yield

    i changed it from 10 to 30

    but id these values are right and the higher the better as the comment says then solar is more effective then nuke? that cant be right?

    if i change water and wind to 300 will that make them 3x more effective then default or is the comment wrong and i should be lowering the numbers?

    edit spoke to muckk on irc he was able to explain that these are base values used in calculations so where as water may appear higher, it losses more in its calculation then reactors do


    ok setting energyGeneratorWater=100 to energyGeneratorWater=400 i thought would make it 4 times more powerful (makes sense) but instead the minute you hook an electric furnace to just one water mill via copper cable theres a large bang and cable is gone as is furnace ..thats too powerful what should i put in to make them just 4 times better then default?


    tried 110, with copper cable 1 water mill submerged in water (just under the surface so the top was exposed to the air) added a furnace watched the lighting bar go up and then pow big explosion (think it was the rain that pushed it over the edge)