Have i've found a great breeder design? (Mark 11-7 Positive-Breeder)

  • Well, I'm just a noob messing around with IC2's Reactor Planner, and i just ended up trying to make a breeder. Im not all that hot on how well the other breeders work on the first thread, but after looking at them, they kinda seem like they get hot. Well, I beleive i figured out a better alternative, something that will never over heat, and it will re-enrich 4 cells at once, using one uranium cell.

    Heres the design: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…s8g445ugdfjs8nliro3qhoj5s

    Tell me what you think! Thanks :)

    EDIT/ADDON: I just made a new one, breeds 6 cells, full use: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…buq14b9ajot7y1gt4e16bas5c

  • Well, you need to know that a breeder needs to start at 9000 hull-heat to be effective. This is because 1 uranium cell touching 1 depleted cells at 0 hull-heat will only fill the cells with 1/4 health, but when the reactor is at 9000 hull-heat the cells can be filled twice in the time it takes for the uranium cell to run out. Both of you design don't have a staring hull-heat, don't end there cycle at 9000+ heat and don't have an excess heat of 0. You should try to meat these goals when you want to make a breeder. Your first design only needs a bit more cooling. And you second design could be improved by starting with some rearranging of the parts and adding some starting heat. You might want to read this. Just keep trying and you will be successful.