RE: Serious lag problem.. suggestions/fixes?

  • When I detonated a few nukes in-game using the seed "zeebra" to generate the world, my game begun to lag to a level that is unplayable and I had to quit. Later after re-entering the game I found that the most likely culprit for the lag was all the pickups for the ore that had blown up.

    Now is there any way to get a fix so that the pickups are destroyed by the nuke rather than just mined?

    Much appreciative of any suggestions or fixes you guys may have.

    I have the following mods installed currently:

    Vertical Redstone
    Too many items
    Glass light
    Tall N' Deep
    Trying to get finite liquid to work


  • Also I'm trying to use finite liquid with IC2 as well, but MC just crashes with this error:

  • First one, i cant help much, nukes do kill most of the resourses/drops, ive detonated 50+ at once and the only lag i got was all the chunk updates, then the liquad updates. not many drops surived. As for the second aprt (good idea to use the EDIT button not duble post) is its a Block ID conflict either edit IC2 or Finite liquids so that only one is using block ID 249


    It's the idea of playing with atomic power, I am not perfect, same as any other human. Therefor, human = mistakes, mistakes = bad things, bad things + atomic fusion = very bad things. :cursing: :Nuke TNT: :cursing:


  • Thanks for the suggestion mate, but it seems that my problem has been with Forge compatibility. Unfortunately it seems that there's no Forge compatibility for Finite Water. Thanks tho :)