I don't now's HI-JOE IC² Texture Pack 0.2 [IC2 1.95b]

  • After making a (not published) texturepack, a language pack and a language pack for IC², I decided to make a texture pack for IC². It only changes a few things, for example it changes the dusts to look more smooth. But just look at it yourself and then decide if it is worth downloading:

    The items I changed from left to right and from top to bottom: SIngle Use Battery, iron dust, coal dust, hydrated coal dust, bronze dust, tin dust, copper dust, gold dust, small pile of iron dust; next row: compressed plantball, compressed hydrated coal, OD scanner, water cell, rubber, uranium cell, coolant/hydration cell, depleted isotope cell, recharged isotope cell; next row: near-depleted uranium cell,4x insulated HV cable, 2x insulated HV cable, insulated HV cable, 1x insulated gold cable, coalball, silver dust, clay dust, grin powder.

    Teleporter ready to teleport, miner (not active).

    MFSU, full MFSU, full MFE Unit, MFE Unit; next row: HV transformer, redstoned HV tranformer, redstoned MV transformer, MV transformer.

    Copper ore, tin ore, uranium ore; next row: tesla coil, nuke, ITNT

    I also changed the batbox and the LV transformer, but they're just like the higher tier blocks, only with copper inputs/outputs (and gold for the transformer's MV side).

    Just throw the folder in the zipfile into your industrialcraft.jar.


    1. 0.2 Changed nuke, ITNT, ores, tesla coil.
    2. 0.1 Initial Release

    LostDose who allowed me to use the textures of his abandoned Industrial Pack
    biscuitWizard who allowed me to use the tesla coil texture he suggested here.

    If you have any suggestions(except making it HD, I will not make it HD), just post them here!
    If you want to give feedback other than a suggestion, feel free to post it here!


    Sorry for my not perfect English, my native language is German. If I made any mistakes, please tell me.
    The "now" in "I don't now" is intended.
    I pretty much stopped playing Minecraft for Kerbal Space Program and you should do the same!

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