IC² [1.97] Broken compatibility with Crafting Table III. Recipes unknown.

  • Hello,

    Updated to the latest version yesterday, and have stumbled across the fact that this seems to break compatibility with Crafting Table III. The table are able to create every other recipes, but the ones from IC² doesn't seem to be recognized by the table.

    This is the my first report here, and if you need more, I'll gladly add it :) Thanks for adding IC² to the Minecraft experience.

    Minecraft 1.2.5
    CCC-Client 0.5.3
    OptiFine 1.2.5 HD MT C3

    BuildCraft 3.1.5 + plus extra mods
    IC² 1.97 + plus extra mods
    ExtremeBiomeXL 2.2.3
    Crafting Table III 1.8
    Somnia 2.4
    ReiMinimap 3.2_04
    Ender Storage 1.1.3
    Equivalent Exchange 2
    RedPower 2.0pre5
    Treecapitator 1.2.5.f
    Inventory Tweaks 1.41b