Modded: Minecraft Let's Play 1.2.5

  • Hi, I started a minecraft Let's Play, it has many mods installed, I try to keep it helpful and sometime amusing/funny to watch to keep you interested.

    Right now I don't any viewers at all, but I hope to make that possible, I know I won't to be able to compete with someone like Direwolf but I hope to get around 1,000 average viewers, that will make me happy.

    Some mods included are:

    • Industrial craft 2
    • Equiv Exchange
    • Redpower2
    • Buildcraft
    • Mystcraft
    • Additional pipes
    • Adv machines
    • Rail craft
    • Steve's Carts

    And a couple more mentioned in the first video.

    Thanks for reading and here is the video, hope you get involved.